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Manufacturing Process and Equipment, 1st edition

  • George Tlusty

Published by Pearson (August 9th 1999) - Copyright © 2000

1st edition

Manufacturing Process and Equipment

ISBN-13: 9780201498653

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  • Paperback

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Manufacturing Processes and Equipment by George Tlusty describes and explains existing production processes and machinery. More importantly, it uses the powerful analytical tools of machine science (heat transfer, vibrations, control theory) and applies them to the solution of manufacturing problems. There is more emphasis on the analytical development and application of engineering theory to manufacturing problems and students are encouraged to generate their own computer solutions to gain understanding.

Unique features

  • Integrates analytical tools from other machine science subjects (e.g., heat transfer, vibrations, control theory) and applies them to manufacturing processes
  • Includes chapters on machine tools and other production equipment, discussing the aspects of performance and design drives, structures, and controls
  • Emphasizes understanding of production machinery, its improvement and automation, so students are able to specify, select, install, and use new equipment
  • Presents analytical development and necessary derivations in some detail and encourages students to develop their own computer programs to solve problems

Table of contents

 1. Manufacturing Management.

 2. Engineering Materials and Their Properties.

 3. Primary Metalworking.

 4. Metal Forming Technology.

 5. Metal Forming Mechanics.

 6. Processing of Polymers.

 7. Cutting Technology.

 8. Cutting Mechanics.

 9. Design of Machine Tools: Drives, and Structures.

10. Automation.

11. Assembly: Material Handling and Welding.

12. Non-Traditional Processes.

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