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For courses in Police Community Relations or Community Policing

An up-to-date, interdisciplinary approach to understanding and practicing positive police-community relations

Police-Community Relations and the Administration of Justice, Ninth Edition, continues the theme of citizen participation, emphasizes why it is critical to the effectiveness of the criminal justice system, and addresses the dynamic nature of police-community relations. The book focuses on the importance of and strategies for positive police-community interactions and addresses the internal and external communities the police serve. The text's interdisciplinary approach draws data and discussions from a wide range of disciplines and gives students a well-rounded perspective to help them better understand and practice positive police-community relations. The Ninth Edition includes updated data and references throughout; new ideas for addressing the ongoing changes in police-community relations; new insights on how the police organization fits with the community it serves; enhanced information on the dynamics of policing realities; a look at the different levels of communication and how to improve communications; the relationships between the media and the police; and more.

Table of contents

1. The Administration of Justice and the Police

2. Police Role Concept in a Changing Society

3. Police–Community Relations: An Overview

4. Public Relations and Community Relations: A Contrast

5. The Public and the Police: A Consortium of Communities

6. Relations within the Police organization

7. Coping with the Human Experience of Being a Cop

8. The Communication Process

9. Police Discretion and Community Relations

10. Community-Oriented Policing

11. Police–Community Relations and the Media<

12. Special Populations and the Police

13. Community Relations in the Context of Culture

14. Maintaining Order: Dissent and Conflict Management

15. Community Participation in the New Millennium

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