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Revel for Teaching Students with Special Needs in General Education Classrooms with Loose-Leaf Version, 9th edition

  • Rena B. Lewis
  • John J. Wheeler
  • Stacy L. Carter

Published by Pearson (January 19th 2016) - Copyright © 2017

9th edition

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Revel for Teaching Students with Special Needs in General Education Classrooms with Loose-Leaf Version

ISBN-13: 9780134017563

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Table of contents

Part I. Introduction to Inclusive Classrooms

1.         Promoting Meaningful Learning Outcomes for All Students

2.         Collaboration and Teaming with Others

3.         Students with Disabilities and Other Types of Special Needs

4.         Promoting Acceptance of Diversity


Part II. Essential Skills for the Inclusive Classroom Teacher

5.         Coordinating the Classroom Learning Environment

6.         Encouraging Positive Classroom Behavior

7.         Adapting Instruction

8.         Monitoring Student Performance using RTI


Part III. Strategies for Teaching Students with Disabilities

9.         Teaching Students with Learning Disabilities

10.        Teaching Students with Speech or Language Disorders

11.        Teaching Students with emotional/Behavioral disorders

12.        Teaching Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder

13.        Teaching Students with Intellectual Disabilities

14.        Teaching Students with Physical and Health Impairments including ADHD

15.        Teaching Students with Visual and Hearing Impairments




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