Software Ownership Transfer: Evolving Knowledge Transfer for the Agile World, 1st edition

  • Vinod Sankaranarayanan


Organizations invest immense amounts of time, resources, and attention in their software projects. But all too often, when it's time to transfer the finished project to new "owners," they settle for the most superficial classroom training, documentation, and code walkthroughs. These conventional approaches to knowledge transfer often fail, dramatically reducing the value of new systems in production. You can do much better - and Software Ownership Transfer will show you how.


This is the first practical, hands-on guide to knowledge transfer in today's agile environments. Using a realistic, large-scale case study, ThoughtWorks expert Vinod Sankaranarayanan shows how to elevate knowledge transfer from "necessary evil" to an activity full of agility and innovation, and bring together multiple organizations and cultures to make ownership transfer work.


Sankaranarayanan explains why mere documentation of error reports and processes isn't enough, and shows how to successfully craft a knowledge transfer program that's more substantive and effective. Along the way, he offers guidance on overcoming the commercial compromises and personal tensions often associated with transferring systems to new ownership; and on transforming mere "knowledge transfer" into something much better: "taking ownership."

Table of contents

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: The Challenge with Knowledge Transfers
  • Chapter 2: Ownership Transfer: Bringing Home a Child
  • Chapter 3: The Approach 
  • Chapter 4: The Program 
  • Chapter 5: Being Agile 
  • Chapter 6: Culture  
  • Chapter 7: Engineering
  • Chapter 8: Infrastructure
  • Chapter 9: Continuous Business
  • Chapter 10: Executing Ownership Transfer 
  • Chapter 11: Process
  • Chapter 12: Measuring Ownership Transfer 
  • Chapter 13: The Three Bridges
  • Chapter 14: Putting It Together
  • Chapter 15: Conclusion
  • Chapter 16: Epilogue  

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