Pearson exhibits at Northern Powerhouse 2017

Pearson exhibited at the Northern Powerhouse event earlier this month, showing our new HoloLens Health and Nursing Apps.

Northern Powerhouse is an organisation working with businesses to boost economic growth in the North of England - improving transport and investing in science and innovation.

Pearson was there to talk about how we can bridge the skills gap and support business in the implementation of the apprenticeship skills levy. Pearson is launching its apprenticeship proposition at the start of April.

We're mirroring our new content on a super high-tech OLED see-through screen worth £17,500.

  • Pearson TQ hosts Captain Sir Tom Moore’s family

    Pearson TQ hosts Captain Sir Tom Moore’s family

    On Wednesday 7 July 2021 Pearson TQ supported the college hosting the family of Captain Sir Tom Moore.

    Sir Tom is Honorary Colonel of the Army Foundation College; the college created the ‘Captain Sir Tom Moore Walk’. This is the path Junior Soldiers will tread as they graduate from the Army Foundation College.

    Sir Tom’s daughter, Hannah, chatted at length about her father’s legacy after he passed and how proud he was to be a part of the college.

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  • Smart Apprentices Learner Resilience Award Winner for Pearson TQ

    We were informed by Smart Apprentices, our partner who deliver our e-portfolio platform Smart Assessor, that we were able to nominate learners who we felt had showed exceptional resilience over the last twelve months, navigating their apprenticeship alongside other challenges brought on by the pandemic. Over 70 learners were nominated from Smart Apprentices customers, all worthy and humbling stories of how apprentices have shown real resilience in the face of how extraordinary adversity.

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