About TQ

Designing, developing and delivering inspiring training and education courses that get results.

Pearson TQ delivers first-class learner outcomes through innovative and cost-effective solutions developed and delivered by our exceptional staff.

It’s our mission to improve the career prospects of learners by operating as a trusted and innovative education and training delivery partner to nationally recognised employers, educational institutions and training providers.

We also boost learners' prospects by arranging for the assessment and provision of accredited qualifications for our clients in both the public and private sector.

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Our training services

As part of Pearson, the world's largest learning company, we can draw on an unrivalled set of resources and specialist knowledge to make our training services more engaging.

We're experts at transforming traditional classroom-based learning into something more exciting, solving our clients’ training problems with tailor-made solutions.

Part of this involves the use of the latest learning methodologies, as well as technology such as virtual and augmented reality.

Not only does this make material more memorable and enjoyable for learners, but it can also dramatically cut the cost and time of the training itself.

We also design and deliver apprenticeship programmes, combining on-the-job and off-the-job training to equip learners with the skills employers need to grow their business.

Running from Level 2 to 5, our apprenticeships can include qualifications in English, maths and ICT, alongside technical training to help boost learners' knowledge of a profession.

We recognise that skills shortages are a problem up and down the country, with several industries struggling to find the right talent.

That's why we develop our vocational training in close collaboration with employers and training providers, so that learners can be assured that they'll be getting the skills they need to do their job or start looking for one once they’ve finished their course.

In our work providing post-16 education, we develop engaging learning solutions for more than 6,500 students every year.

The course content we design covers practical skills such as DVLA driver theory and leadership, as well as functional skills qualifications in English, maths and ICT and STEM-focused A-level certifications.