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Read what our learners have to say

Thank you once again for an extremely enjoyable and educational week; it really has altered my thoughts on being the Unit Welfare Officer in a positive way!

Capt T G Woodall, Unit Welfare Officer

Education at Harrogate has really helped me. I came with nothing and now I have the grades to get to’s more than I ever expected from education.

Junior Soldier, Army Foundation College, Harrogate

I disliked being at school and got kicked out, so never sat my final exams. I came to Harrogate with zero qualifications and now I am leaving with my English, Maths and ICT at Level 2. Education in the Army is important as without it I will not be able to promote.

Junior Soldier, Army Foundation College, Harrogate

What I have learnt here within one week is beyond what I ever thought I was going to learn

Royal Engineers Soldier/Apprentice

When I joined the Army I was screened and found to be dyslexic. I wasn’t thick after all! I was supported by Pearson TQ to understand how this affects me and what I need to do to overcome it. This helped me to ensure I could take control of my dyslexia whilst learning and ask for the support I needed... I scored 96% and 100% in some of my programme and around 80% for most. I even passed English first time, the first English course I have ever passed! I am so proud of these achievements - they are the best scores I have achieved in learning and something I never thought I could.

Royal Engineers Soldier/Apprentice

Read what our clients have to say

I have worked with Pearson TQ monitoring the delivery of apprenticeships for the Royal Engineers. I have also undertaken quality checks at various points of the delivery. As part of the contract, Pearson TQ were required to introduce new apprenticeships for artisan trades which they did, increasing the number of apprenticeships available for the Royal Engineers. The standards have been raised throughout the contract and Pearson TQ should be proud of the high Functional Skills achievements at both Levels 1 and 2. The contract has been fulfilled and it has been a pleasure to work with Pearson TQ staff who have responded to all requests and improved standards. Staff have shown initiative and responded well to suggestion.

Peter Capon, SO2 Accreditation, HQ Royal Engineers

I have worked with some highly competent and confident Plant operators that are the product of Pearson TQ's diligent, enthusiastic, high grade and original instructors. The operators that we now train on Lead Air Support Squadron (LASS) are required to operate in very close proximity to each other in daylight and nighttime scenarios. They carry this out in a safe manner whilst applying precision and skill which has been nurtured in them from your instructors. I would like to congratulate Pearson TQ on the quality you produce and I would like to pass on my thanks to you all for making our job easier and safer here in the Air Support Specialist Training Team.

Air Support Specialist Training Team

Your team are the finest example of what we the Army should expect from a civilian training provider to the military. Such enthusiasm and dedication is rare in the current climate. I have yet to witness another team of civilian instructors as proficient as yours.

WO1 (SMI) AR HIGGINS RE, 63 HQ & Trg Sp Sqn

You have no idea how much of a better place the education delivery is in compared to this time last year! All down to a reliable provider and the good relationships you guys have with the units.

ITG SO2 Training & Education

Thank you for providing an excellent package for us. It was expertly executed and made me look good for booking it, but most importantly the kids and staff all thoroughly enjoyed it. All activities were well received and all of your staff conducted themselves fantastically, Pearson TQ has been one of the most professional providers I have ever worked with.

Capt Martin Kitching, Durham Army Cadet Force