Pearson TQ apprentices win top awards at the Army’s annual Apprenticeship Awards

The Royal Engineer Apprenticeships team in Pearson TQ had good reason to celebrate during last week’s National Apprenticeship Week as LCpl Liam Molloy of 26 Engineer Regt was named the Army Advanced Apprentice of the Year at a presentation ceremony held at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (RMAS).

Pearson TQ colleagues, including VP Martyn Leader, were privileged to be invited to the Army Apprenticeships Awards ceremony at RMAS on Wednesday 7 March where prizes were awarded by Defence Minister and Deputy Leader of the House of Lords, Lord Howe. A keynote address on the promising and expanding future of Army Apprenticeships was also given by Major General Rob Nitsch, Director Army Personnel.

Pearson TQ delivers apprenticeships for both the Royal Logistic Corps (RLC) and the Royal Engineers (RE) and were pleased to see nominees from both Corps at the awards. Our winners on the day for their respective Corps were LCpl Rommel Tem Meh of 91 Sqn - 27 Regt RLC and LCpl Liam Molloy from the RE.

However, the big prize was for the Army’s Advanced Apprentice of the Year and we were especially pleased to see Lance Corporal Liam Molloy of 26 Engineer Regiment selected as the winner for his apprenticeship in Professional Competence for IT & Telecoms. Speaking with Liam after the ceremony was over, he was especially keen to recognise the contribution of his Pearson TQ skills tutor, Perran James. In return, Perran commented:

“Liam is a highly motivated, knowledgeable individual who drives high standards for himself and others within his workplace. While completing the Apprenticeship he was keen to learn and never afraid to ask for further help if he was unsure of something, but similarly he was the person that most in his troop turned to for support, guidance or answers to their questions. Liam always used his own time to complete set assignments and gather requested evidence for his Apprenticeship. I was impressed with the way that Liam conducted himself in front of others regardless of rank; treating everyone he came into contact with, with respect and courtesy. Liam actively promoted the Army Apprenticeship with his peers and colleagues explaining the merit in pursuing such a qualification.”

Everyone from the apprenticeships team at Pearson TQ pass on their congratulations to the award winners and nominees that we worked with for these awards.

Pictured above: Army Advanced Apprentice of the Year LCpl Liam Malloy RLC with Poppy Carter Mills and Lois Hall from Pearson TQ