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Designed for the way today's Sociology students read, think, and learn.

Revel is an interactive learning experience that deeply engages students in sociology and helps them come to class prepared. Media interactives integrated directly within the authors' narrative enable students to delve further into key concepts without breaking stride.

Instead of simply reading about sociology, students engage with sociological concepts at both national and local levels in Revel. In select titles, students can do this using census data to view economic disparity across the country. This ability to read about and apply concepts in tandem leads to a better understanding of the material.

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Social Explorer

Social Explorer enables students to explore concepts they’ve just read about by interacting with US census data to understand how trends impact them on a local level.

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Videos in every chapter help explain in-depth concepts that can be difficult to comprehend from reading alone.

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Interactives in each chapter encourage students to engage with course content by exploring an interactive map or graph to see the impact of different variables.

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