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Pearson’s goal is to help people realise the life they imagine through learning, by providing a catalogue of expertly designed resources you can rely on.

Regardless of the subject, level, state, or curriculum, our ability to achieve that goal relies on one simple thing: understanding educators.

We are committed to developing resources with your evolving needs at the centre, so you can continue to deliver enriching learning experiences day in, day out. 

Impactful primary and secondary educational resources

Primary resources

Research-backed educational resources designed to help you establish the academic and personal development of young learners.

Secondary resources

Curriculum-aligned educational resources designed to help you address the varying needs of each learner, and prepare them for their next steps.

Partners in learning

Resources developed for all learning needs
Committed to empowering educators
Dedicated to research-based learning design


Secondary Teaching Hub

Support a smooth transition between curriculum with simplified teaching and energised learning.
  • Transition smoothly between curriculums with seamless curriculum alignment. 
  • Quality in all the formats you need with digital, print and downloadable options. 
  • Limit the stress of lesson planning with content filters and recommended lesson sequences.  
  • Understand and support the whole class with robust progress tracking and teacher support.  
  • Say goodbye to admin headaches with integrations to trusted tech platforms including Microsoft Teams and Google Classroom. 
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Featuring over fifty series

2023 Primary Catalogue

Packed with new and exciting resources to support the latest curriculum and teaching practices, Pearson's 2023 catalogue also showcases many trusted resources already known and loved by Australian primary schools!

Plus, you'll find helpful links and insights into the research behind resources like Mathology, Science Readers and Units of Study.

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The Pearson Interrobang - Where did it come from?

By combining a question mark with an exclamation point, the interrobang captures two essential principles at Pearson – the curiosity to know and discover, and the excitement and fun of learning. But where does the symbol come from?