Revel for Educators: Important Tools in Revel/Blackboard Integrations

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Revel/Blackboard Integration: Important Tools

In your Blackboard course, you have some important tools to help you setup and maintain your Revel/Blackboard integration.

Once your Blackboard course is linked to a Revel course, use the Content Market Tools to view Pearson Revel Diagnostics, Pearson Revel for Blackboard Help & Support, Pearson Revel Roster Information, and Pearson Revel Grade Refresh.

Let's take a look.

Once an instructor has linked their Pearson Revel course with Blackboard, they'll have a couple of tools that they can access in order to help them and students.

If I go to Tools, and I navigate to Content Market Tools, you'll see that once this course is linked, I have an Associated Partner of Pearson Revel listed here.

When I click on this area, I'm taken to the Pearson Revel Tools.

I can go to Pearson Revel from here, which launches in a new window, or I have a couple of tools underneath that I can utilize.

Here I've got my Pearson Revel Diagnostics, this would be required diagnostics information for an instructor or student who needs technical support. Here they have a lot of information that our tech support team will need in order to help them. And they can also utilize this Export to File button here.

If I go back to my tools, I also have a link to the Pearson Revel Help & Support. This will open in a new window, and essentially brings instructors or students to the Get Started page – this is the Instructor Help. Students will get sent to the Student Help.

Back on my tools page, I also have access to the Pearson Revel Roster information. This is where instructors can go to see if their students have linked to their Pearson Revel account. In this particular course I have 3 students and 2 of those students have already linked their Pearson Revel account with Blackboard. This is the Pi ID that our Support team will need in order to investigate issues relating to student accounts.

If an instructor is calling on behalf of a student they'll need this Pearson Revel account information. They can also from here send an email to the student or students who have not yet linked their accounts.

From my tools page, I can also access the Pearson Revel Grade Refresh, we'll go into more detail in that link in another video.