Revel for Educators: Link Your Account and Course with Blackboard

Video Transcript

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To integrate Revel with Blackboard your Blackboard Administrator must have installed or updated the Partner Cloud Building Block, and configured Pearson Revel as a partner.

Do not create your Revel course ahead of time; taking the steps to add Revel content to your Blackboard course will lead you through creating a new Revel course.

At this time, you cannot make a copy of a current Revel course to integrate with Blackboard.

Let's get started.

This video will show how instructors can link their accounts and courses from Blackboard to Pearson's Revel.

I'm starting in my Blackboard course, and navigating to any Content area that I've already built.

From this Content area, I click on Partner Content, then Content Market.

From the Available Partners, I'll navigate to Pearson's Revel, it's the blue Pearson icon, and click on Get Started.

If I haven't already, I'll be prompted to link my accounts.

Here I can type in an existing Revel login name and password. Or, I have the option to Create an Account. Once I've typed in my username and password I can click on Link Accounts.

This is a one-time process and I won't have to link my accounts again.

When I click on continue, I'll be prompted to search for my Pearson Revel content.

I can enter the Title, Author, ISBN, or Subject keywords. For today's purposes I'll just put in Psychology.

A list of potential Psychology titles is provided and I can click on the link for the content I would like to pair to my Blackboard course.

I click on the link, ensure that my content is correctly selected, and then click on Select.

From here I can add my course name, this will be the course name for the Pearson Revel course content.

You'll see here that my Blackboard course name has already been populated. If nothing populates I can of course add additional content here, I can also change this if necessary.

The course start date is today, the course end date can be anything in the future.

I click on Add, and this content is successfully added to my course. When I return to my course, that's my Blackboard course, I'll be prompted to submit the link to this Revel content from my Blackboard Content page.

When I click on Submit, I'll now have a link that says go to Pearson Revel, underneath this Content area.

When I click on Go to Pearson Revel, my Revel content will launch in a new window.

This means that my courses and my accounts are now paired.