Revel for Students: Link to Revel from Blackboard

Video Transcript

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This video will show students how to get started using Blackboard and Pearson Revel integration.

First, students should always start in their Blackboard course. They can navigate to any of the Content areas where their instructor has deployed this Go to Pearson link.

When I click on Go to Pearson Revel, a new window will open where I can link my accounts the first time.

Here I can link my existing Pearson username, that's a Revel username or a MyLab & Mastering username that already exists.

I also have the ability to create a new account if I don't already have one.

When I click on Link Accounts, I get my congratulations message that my accounts are now linked.

When I click on Continue, I'll be brought to my payment options.

Here I can purchase online, I can enter an access code if it's been purchased from the bookstore, or I can start a 14-day free trial access.

Once I have paid, I can access Revel and start any of my assignments.

The next time that the student comes from their Blackboard course to Pearson Revel, they'll immediately be taken to the Revel course home page.