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Principles of Marketing​ | MyLab Marketing​

Marketing: An Introduction, 7th Canadian Edition​

Gary Armstrong, Philip Kotler, Valerie Trifts, Lilly Anne Buchwitz​

In this digital age, to go along with their tried-and-true traditional marketing methods, marketers have a dazzling set of new online, mobile, and social media tools for engaging customers anytime, anyplace to jointly shape brand conversations, experiences, and community. If marketers do these things well, they will reap the rewards in terms of market share, profits, and customer equity. In the Canadian edition of Marketing: An Introduction, students learn how customer value and customer engagement drive every good marketing strategy.​

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Principles of Marketing​ | Revel Marketing​

Marketing, 1st edition​

Michael Shekter​

Fundamentals of Marketing is a significant new step in the field of Canadian marketing studies. This modern resource is an original Canadian text, written by one of Canada’s most experienced marketing professionals. Marketing combines the practical and applied approach that Canadian marketing students and their employers are looking for, with the solid academic foundation that leading institutions demand.​

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Marketing Research | Revel Marketing​

Marketing Research for Marketers, 1st Canadian edition​

Jon Callegher, Ted Langschmidt, Julie Kellershohn​

Marketing Research for Marketers provides marketing students with the basics of marketing research and teaches them how to work with marketing research professionals in their future marketing careers. Instead of teaching advanced research topics, this textbook uses simple language to reinforce a basic-to-intermediate understanding of marketing research processes, types of research, question-writing, sampling techniques, analysis techniques, report structures, and ethical considerations.​

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Selling | MyLab Marketing​

Selling Today: Partnering to Create Value, 8th Canadian edition​

Gerald L Manning, Michael Ahearne, Barry L. Reece, HF Herb MacKenzie 

The primary goal of each revision of Selling Today is to develop the finest research-backed and most practical and applied text available in the marketplace. The revision process begins with a thorough review of several hundred articles, books, and research reports. The authors also study popular sales training programs such as Conceptual Selling, SPIN Selling, Integrity Selling, Trusted Advisor, and Solution Selling.

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Consumer Behaviour​ | MyLab Marketing​

Consumer Behaviour: Buying, Having, Being, 9th Canadian Edition

Michael Solomon, Kelley J. Main, Katherine White, Darren W. Dahl, Bonnie Simpson​

Consumer Behaviour: Buying, Having, and Being emphasizes the importance of understanding consumers in formulating marketing strategy. Many (if not most) of the fundamental concepts in marketing are based on the practitioner’s ability to know people. To illustrate the potential of consumer research to inform marketing strategy, the text contains numerous examples of specific applications of consumer behaviour concepts by marketing practitioners, as well as examples of windows of opportunity where such concepts might be used.​

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