Automotive Engines: Theory and Servicing, 10th edition

Published by Pearson (December 16, 2021) © 2023

  • James Halderman


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For courses in engine repair and rebuilding.

Preparing tomorrow's automotive professionals for success

Automotive Engines: Theory and Servicing is a market-leading text building expertise in practical skills for automotive engine rebuilding, machining and repair. Halderman uses helpful tips and visuals to bring concepts to life and guide students through the procedures they'll use on the job. This text is part of the Pearson Automotive Professional Technician Series.

The 10th Edition has been fully updated and expanded to reflect the latest automotive engine technology and the latest ASE Foundation tasks. Contact your Pearson rep for information on the ASE Test Prep and Study Guide and ASE Correlated Task Sheets workbook.

Hallmark features of this title

A format geared toward student success

  • Learning outcomes and objectives are aligned with ASE standards and chapter content.
  • Concise, easy-to-read chapters present content in manageable sections, making it more digestible and easily understood by readers.

Practical applications

  • Case studies in technical chapters cover the three C's (complaint, cause and correction) of handling real-world customer issues.
  • A sample Engine Repair (A1) ASE-type certification test with answers at the end of the text prepares students for exam success.

Learning aids and resources

  • Step-by-step photo sequences detail best-practice approaches for procedures such as diagnosing and troubleshooting faults.
  • A chapter-ending summary, review questions, key term flashcards and chapter quiz provide ample practice.

New features of this title

Expanded content reflecting current ASE tasks

  • NEW: 2 new chapters have been added: Service Information, Work Orders, and Vehicle Identification (Ch. 2) and Variable Valve Timing and Displacement Systems (Ch. 28).
  • EXPANDED: New content appears in many chapters, covering shop safety (Ch. 1), antifreeze and coolant (Ch. 12), engine oil and filters (Ch. 14) and engine assembly and testing (Ch. 34).
  • EXPANDED: New detailed topics have been added, including active air shutters (Ch. 13), priority lubrication (Ch. 15), expanded enhanced EVAP system operation (Ch. 18), expanded coverage of superchargers and turbochargers (Ch. 20), front engine accessory drive (Ch. 22) and flat crankshaft information (Ch. 31).

Additional learning aids

  • EXPANDED: Case studies were added to several chapters, building on students' problem-solving skills for diagnosis and repair.
  • EXPANDED: More than 50 new full-color photos and line drawings bring subjects to life.
  1. Shop Safety
  2. Service Information, Work Orders, and Vehicle Identification
  3. Environmental and Hazardous Materials
  4. Fasteners and Thread Repair
  5. Hand Tools
  6. Power Tools and Shop Equipment
  7. Vehicle Lifting and Hoisting
  8. Measuring Systems and Tools
  9. Gasoline Engine Operation, Parts, and Specifications
  10. Diesel Engine Operation and Diagnosis
  11. Gasoline, Alternative Fuels, and Diesel Fuels
  12. Antifreeze and Coolant
  13. Cooling System Operation and Diagnosis
  14. Engine Oil and Filters
  15. Lubrication System Operation and Diagnosis
  16. Engine Starting and Charging Systems
  17. Ignition System Operation and Diagnosis
  18. Emission Control Devices Operation and Diagnosis
  19. Intake and Exhaust Systems
  20. Turbocharging and Supercharging
  21. Engine Condition Diagnosis
  22. In-Vehicle Engine Service
  23. Engine Removal and Disassembly
  24. Engine Cleaning and Crack Detection
  25. Cylinder Head and Valve Guide Service
  26. Valve and Seat Service
  27. Camshafts and Valve Trains
  28. Variable Valve Timing and Displacement Systems
  29. Pistons, Rings, and Connecting Rods
  30. Engine Blocks
  31. Crankshafts, Balance Shafts, and Bearings
  32. Gaskets and Sealants
  33. Balancing and Blueprinting
  34. Engine Assembly and Testing
  35. Engine Installation and Break-In


  1. Engine Repair (A1) Sample ASE-Type Certification Test and Answers
  2. ASE Education Foundation A1 Correlation Chart

About our author

Jim Halderman brings a world of experience, knowledge and talent to his work. His automotive service experience includes working as a flat-rate technician, a business owner and a professor of automotive technology at a leading U.S. community college.

He has a Bachelor of Science degree from Ohio Northern University and a Master’s degree from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. Jim also holds a U.S. patent for an electronic transmission control device. He is an ASE-certified Master Automotive Technician (A1–A8), plus A9, F1, G1, L1 and L3.

Jim is the author of many automotive textbooks, all published by Pearson. Jim has presented numerous technical seminars to national audiences, including the California Automotive Teachers (CAT) and the Illinois College Automotive Instructor Association (ICAIA). Jim was also named Regional Teacher of the Year by General Motors Corporation and is a member of the advisory committee for the department of technology at Ohio Northern University. Jim was also named MVP at the North American Council of Automotive Teachers (NACAT) conference in 2013.

Jim and his wife, Michelle, live in Dayton, Ohio. You can reach Jim by email.

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