Creating and Using Virtual Prototyping Software: Principles and Practices, 1st edition

Published by Addison-Wesley Professional (December 28, 2021) © 2022

  • Douglass E. Post
  • Richard P. Kendall

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ISBN-13: 9780136567011
Creating and Using Virtual Prototyping Software: Principles and Practices
Published 2021
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ISBN-13: 9780136566939
Creating and Using Virtual Prototyping Software: Principles and Practices
Published 2021


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Develop, Deploy, and Sustain High-Performance Virtual Prototyping for Advanced R&D

Organizations must reduce time-to-market, costs, and risks while producing higher-quality products that grow ever more complex. In response, many are turning to advanced software for rapidly creating and analyzing virtual prototypes, and accurately predicting the performance and behavior of the systems they represent. This requires a deep understanding of physics-based digital engineering and high-performance computing, as well as unique organizational and management skills. Now, Douglass Post and Richard Kendall bring together knowledge that engineers, scientists, developers, and managers will need to build, deploy, and sustain these specialized applications—including information previously available only in proprietary environments.

Post and Kendall illuminate key issues with a detailed book-length case study based on their work at the U.S. DoD's pioneering Computational Research and Engineering Acquisition Tools and Environments (CREATE) program, which developed eleven of the field's most advanced software tools.

Students will find a detailed roadmap for planning, organizing, managing, and navigating complex organizations to successful delivery; as well as detailed descriptions of each step in the process, with clear rationales and concrete examples. The authors share detailed references, a convenient glossary and bibliography, sidebars on overcoming real-world challenges, and more. The book reviews the essentials of computational engineering and science and the pivotal role of virtual prototyping. It helps readers to:

  • Plan and manage the paradigm shift from physical to virtual prototyping
  • Establish, execute, and evolve Agile processes for developing virtual prototyping software
  • Understand and implement virtual prototyping tools and workflows
  • Verify and validate prototyping systems to ensure accuracy and utility
  • Recruit and retain a specialized workforce, and train and support users
  • Explore additional emerging roles for virtual prototyping

Chapter 1:   The Power of Physics-Based Software for Engineering and Scientific Research

Chapter 2:   The Computing Ecosystem

Chapter 3:   Getting the Right Software for the Virtual Prototyping Paradigm

Chapter 4:   Examples of Virtual Prototyping Software (Tools)

Chapter 5:   Applying Virtual Prototyping Tools to Develop Product and Conduct Research

Chapter 6:   Developing and Marketing a Proposal to Establish a Program to Develop Virtual Prototyping Tools

Chapter 7:   Creating and Sustaining Software Development Programs for Virtual Prototyping Tools

Chapter 8:   Managing the Software Development Program for Virtual Prototyping Applications

Chapter 9:   Executing a Software Development Program for Virtual Prototyping Applications

Chapter 10:   Verifying and Validating Science-Based Software

Chapter 11:   Recruiting and Retaining the Workforce

Chapter 12:   Opportunities and Challenges for Virtual Prototyping in Engineering and Science

Appendix A:   Postscript

Appendix B:   References by Chapter

Appendix C:   Glossary


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