Database Systems: The Complete Book, 2nd edition

Published by Pearson (November 21, 2011) © 2009

  • Hector Garcia-Molina
  • Jeffrey D. Ullman Stanford University
  • Jennifer Widom

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ISBN-13: 9780133002010
Database Systems: The Complete Book
Published 2011

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ISBN-13: 9780131873254
Database Systems: The Complete Book
Published 2008


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For Database Systems and Database Design and Application courses offered at the junior, senior and graduate levels in Computer Science departments.

Written by well-known computer scientists, this introduction to database systems offers a comprehensive approach, focusing on database design, database use, and implementation of database applications and database management systems.

The first half of the book provides in-depth coverage of databases from the point of view of the database designer, user, and application programmer. It covers the latest database standards SQL:1999, SQL/PSM, SQL/CLI, JDBC, ODL, and XML, with broader coverage of SQL than most other texts. The second half of the book provides in-depth coverage of databases from the point of view of the DBMS implementor. It focuses on storage structures, query processing, and transaction management. The book covers the main techniques in these areas with broader coverage of query optimization than most other texts, along with advanced topics including multidimensional and bitmap indexes, distributed transactions, and information integration techniques.



  • Open access Author Website ¿¿includes Power Point slides, teaching notes, assignments, projects, Oracle Programming Guidelines, and solutions to selected exercises.
  • Instructor only Pearson Resources: Complete Solutions Manual (click on the Resources tab above to view downloadable files)




  • 1 The Worlds of Database Systems
  • 2 The Relational Model of Data
  • 3 Design Theory for Relational Databases
  • 4 High-Level Database Models
  • 5 Algebraic and Logical Query Languages
  • 6 The Database Language SQL
  • 7 Constraints and Triggers
  • 8 Views and Indexes
  • 9 SQL in a Server Environment
  • 10 Advanced Topics in Relational Databases
  • 11 The Semistructured-Data Model
  • 12 Programming Languages for XML
  • 13 Secondary Storage Management
  • 14 Index Structures
  • 15 Query Execution
  • 16 The Query Compiler
  • 17 Coping With System Failures
  • 18 Concurrency Control
  • 19 More About Transaction Management
  • 20 Parallel and Distributed Databases
  • 21 Information Integration
  • 22 Data Mining
  • 23 Database Systems and the Internet


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