Environmental Law, 8th edition

Published by Pearson (January 8, 2013) © 2014

  • Nancy K. Kubasek Bowling Green University
  • Gary Silverman both of Bowling Green State Universtiy


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For undergraduate/graduate-level courses in Environmental Law and Environmental Policy.
An introduction to environmental law for "non-law" students.
Environmental Law is designed to introduce those without any legal or special scientific training to the system through which the nation attempts to preserve and protect the different aspects of our environment.
Support for “non-law” students: Introductory Chapters.Before students can effectively learn about environmental law, it’s important for them to have a basic understanding of how the American legal system operates. The first two chapters of this text provide an overview of the American legal system, as well as administrative law.((
Provide the necessary background: The Scientific Information that Creates the Law.
With this text, readers don’t only get a legal tutorial—they are also presented with information on the science that justifies the legal response. This useful background information is provided in every chapter of the text. ((
Examine today’s laws and policies: The Obama Administration. Although the Obama Administration has been in office less than a full term, it has already made several significant changes that will greatly affect the future of environmental law. These changes have been integrated throughout the text.
Offer additional insight: New Features. 
  • “Cases and Controversies” boxes, which appear throughout the text, highlight cases that have had a significant impact on the development of environmental law.
  • “For Further Reading” suggests additional books and articles so that readers can keep up with the newest research in the environmental area—most of which are new to this edition.
New Updated Tables and Figures to reflect changes in environmental conditions.
New For Further Reading: Instead of merely listing articles and books that are worth reading at the end of each chapter, the authors have reduced the number of recommended readings, and instead have provided a brief annotation about each selection to better enable readers to select which additional reading might be of interest to them.
New Changes in Environmental Law and Policy Under the Obama Administration.
New Section Describing the First National Standards for Regulating Mercury from Power Plants.
New Updated Section Discussing Climate Changes.
New Updated and Expanded Section Discussing Wind Power.

Brief Contents


  1. The American Legal System: The Source of Environmental Law
  2. The Litigation Process and Other Tools for Resolving Environmental Disputes
  3. Administrative Law and Its Impact on the Environment


  1. An Introduction to Environmental Law and Policy
  2. Air-Quality Control
  3. Water-Quality Control
  4. Controlling Toxic Substances
  5. Waste Management and Hazardous Releases
  6. Energy
  7. Natural Resources
  8. International Environmental Law

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