Foundations of Group Counseling, 1st edition

Published by Pearson (September 18, 2020) © 2021

  • David Capuzzi Walden University
  • Mark D. Stauffer

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ISBN-13: 9780136941026
Foundations of Group Counseling
Published 2020

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Foundations of Group Counseling
Published 2019


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Published 2019

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Foundations of Group Counseling gives future counselors a solid foundation with a practical, application-based approach. It offers a broad perspective on group work, balancing major issues and essential knowledge with practical guidelines and how-to strategies. Many topics that are often ignored by comparable texts are covered in depth. Separate chapters provide thorough coverage of group work and addictions, group work with children, groups for adolescents, groups with older adults and facilitating groups with challenging member behaviors.

Combining practice, research and theory, the 1st Edition offers students the tools and strategies they need for successful group work practice.

Part I: Foundations for Group Work

  1. An Overview of Group Work
    David Capuzzi and Mark D. Staufferd
  2. Group Work: Stages and Issues
    Mark D. Stauffer and David Capuzzi
  3. Group Counseling: Elements of Effective Leadership
    David Capuzzi and Mark D. Stauffer
  4. Group Work: Theories and Applications
    Jeannie Falkner, David Capuzzi, and Mark D. Stauffer
  5. Group Work: Ethical/Legal Considerations
    Delini M. Fernando and Barbara J. Herlihy
  6. Diversity and Multicultural Group Counseling
    Deborah J. Rubel and Jane E. Atieno Okech
  7. Efficacy and Evaluation of Group Work
    Cass Dykeman
  8. The Four Types of Groups: Work/Task, Psychoeducational, Counseling, and Psychotherapy Groups
    Melinda Haley and Jonathan W. Carrier

Part II: Useful Approaches and Best Practices

  1. Creative Approaches to Group Work
    Thelma Duffey and Shane Haberstroh
  2. Facilitating Groups with Challenging Member Behaviors
    Jonathan J. Orr
  3. Group Work with Children: Applications for School and Other Settings
    Tamara E. Davis
  4. Groups for Adolescents
    Janice DeLucia
  5. Groups with Individuals, Couples, and Families in Mental Health Settings
    Cynthia A. Briggs, Linda H. Foster, and Martina Moore
  6. Groups in Rehabilitation Settings
    Debra A. Harley and Byung Jin Kim
  7. Groups with Older Adults: Loss, Transitions, and End-of-Life Issues
    Ann Vernon
  8. Support Along the Journey: Groups Focused on Addiction and Recovery
    Mita M. Johnson
  9. Group Work: Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Clients
    Stephanie F. Hall, Jessica R. Burkholder, and David U. Burkholder

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