Learning the Art of Helping: Building Blocks and Techniques, 8th edition

Published by Pearson (June 4, 2024) © 2025

  • Mark E. Young University of Central Florida, Professor Emeritus

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ISBN-13: 9780138118327
Learning the Art of Helping: Building Blocks and Techniques
Published 2024

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Learning the Art of Helping teaches the art of helping using a practical, relationship-focused approach. It emphasizes the skills necessary to be effective in the art of helping, from basic building blocks to advanced therapeutic techniques. The text is practical, innovative, and focused on the relationship between the helper and the client. The author incorporates the latest research on effective treatments, while offering an integrative perspective. Stop and Reflect sections, exercises, homework, class discussion topics, and Journal Starters help you learn to become a reflective practitioner.

The 8th Edition includes over 150 new references and enhanced treatment of cultural issues; issues related to gender; the therapeutic relationship; using helping skills with children; and more.

  1. Helping as a Personal Journey
  2. The Therapeutic Relationship
  3. The Cultural Climate and the Therapeutic Relationship
  4. Invitational Skills
  5. Reflecting Skills: Paraphrasing
  6. Reflecting Skills: Reflecting Feelings
  7. Advanced Reflecting Skills: Reflecting Meaning and Summarizing
  8. Challenging Skills
  9. Assessment and Goal Setting
  10. Change Techniques, Part I
  11. Intervention and Action: Change Techniques, Part II
  12. Outcome Evaluation and Termination Skills

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