Microsoft Excel Inside Out (Office 2021 and Microsoft 365), 1st edition

Published by Microsoft Press (December 22, 2021) © 2022

  • Bill Jelen

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ISBN-13: 9780137559565
Microsoft Excel Inside Out (Office 2021 and Microsoft 365)
Published 2021
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ISBN-13: 9780137559534
Microsoft Excel Inside Out (Office 2021 and Microsoft 365)
Published 2021


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Renowned Excel expert Bill Jelen offers a complete tour of Excel in Office 365, from efficient interface customizations to advanced analysis, visualizations, and dashboards.Topics include:

  • Customizing the Excel workspace
  • Best practices for designing and managing worksheets
  • Creating formulas and functions
  • Performing statistical, what-if, and other data analysis
  • Core to advanced charting techniques
  • Using graphics and sparklines
  • Managing databases and tables
  • Automating Excel with macros and custom functions
  • Collaborating in Excel online, in the cloud, and more
  • Extending Excel

Part I   The Excel interface

Chapter 1        What's new in Microsoft 365 Excel

Chapter 2        Using the Excel interface

Chapter 3        Customizing Excel

Chapter 4        Keyboard shortcuts


Part II  Calculating with Excel

Chapter 5        Understanding formulas

Chapter 6        Controlling formulas

Chapter 7        Understanding functions

Chapter 8        Using everyday functions: math, date and time, and text functions

Chapter 9        Using powerful functions: logical, lookup, and database functions

Chapter 10      Using names, LET, LAMBDA, and Data Types in Excel

Chapter 11      Connecting worksheets and workbooks

Chapter 12      Dynamic array formulas and names in Excel

Part III Data analysis with Excel

Chapter 13      Transforming data with Power Query

Chapter 14      Summarizing data using subtotals or filter

Chapter 15      Using pivot tables to analyze data

Chapter 16      Using slicers and filtering a pivot table

Chapter 17      Mashing up data with Power Pivot

Chapter 18      Using What-If, Scenario Manager, Goal Seek, and Solver

Chapter 19      Automating repetitive functions using VBA macros

Chapter 20      More tips and tricks for Excel


Part IV Excel visuals

Chapter 21      Formatting worksheets

Chapter 22      Using data visualizations and conditional formatting

Chapter 23      Graphing data using Excel charts

Chapter 24      Using 3D Maps

Chapter 25      Using sparklines

Chapter 26      Formatting spreadsheets for presentation

Chapter 27      Printing

Chapter 28      Collaborating in Excel


Part V  Appendixes

Appendix A     Excel functions

Appendix B      Excel functions with DAX or Power Query equivalents

Appendix C      Adding functionality to Excel with add-ins


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