Pearson Nursing Diagnosis Handbook, 11th edition

Published by Pearson (March 4, 2016) © 2017

  • Judith M. Wilkinson

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ISBN-13: 9780134340067
Pearson Nursing Diagnosis Handbook
Published 2016

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ISBN-13: 9780134337456
Pearson Nursing Diagnosis Handbook
Published 2016


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Preface vi
New to this Edition vi
Features vi
Reviewers x
SECTION I: Introduction 1
Introduction 3
Background 3
Nursing Process in Relation to Nursing Diagnosis 3
Standards of Care in Relation to Nursing Diagnosis 4
Case Management and Critical Paths 4
Case Management 4
Critical Paths and Managed Care 5
Managed Care 5
Nursing Diagnosis Incorporated into Critical Path 5
Nursing Diagnosis Used to Name Variance 5
Components of Nursing Diagnosis Care Plans 6
Plans of Care (Section II) 6
Nursing Diagnosis 6
Definition 6
Defining Characteristics 6
Related Factors 7
Risk Factors 7
Suggestions for Use 7
Suggested Alternative Diagnoses 7
NOC Outcomes 7
Goals/Evaluation Criteria 8
NIC Interventions 9
Nursing Activities 9
Clinical Conditions Guide to Nursing Diagnoses and Collaborative Problems (Section III) 10
Nursing Diagnoses 11
Multidisciplinary (Collaborative) Problems 11
How to Create a Nursing Diagnosis Care Plan 12
Assessment 12
Diagnosis 13
NOC Outcomes 13
Goals/Evaluation Criteria 13
Nursing Interventions and Activities 14
Creating a Critical Path 14
Section II: Nursing Diagnoses With Outcomes and Interventions 17
Plans of Care in Alphabetical Order 19—969

Each plan of care contains the following information:
Taxonomy number
Defining Characteristics
Related Factors
Risk Factors
Suggestions for Use
Suggested Alternative Diagnoses
NOC Outcomes
Goals/Evaluation Criteria (Examples of NOC and Other)
NIC Interventions
Nursing Activities (NIC and Other)
SECTION III: Clinical Conditions Guide to Nursing Diagnoses and Collaborative Problems 971
Clinical Conditions Guide to Nursing Diagnoses and Collaborative Problems 973

Medical Conditions 974
Surgical Conditions 1009
Psychiatric Conditions 1023
Antepartum and Postpartum Conditions 1034
Newborn Conditions 1044
Pediatric Conditions 1056

Appendix A 2015—2017 NANDA International-Approved Diagnoses. Grouped by Gordon’s Functional Health Patterns 1074
Appendix B NANDA International-Approved Nursing Diagnoses (2015— 2017), Taxonomy II: Domains, Classes, and Diagnoses 1080
Appendix C Selected NANDA International Axis Descriptors 1090
Appendix D Multidisciplinary (Collaborative) Problems Associated With Diseases and Other Physiologic Disorders 1093
Appendix E Multidisciplinary (Collaborative) Problems Associated With Tests and Treatments 1103
Appendix F Multidisciplinary (Collaborative) Problems Associated With Surgical Treatments 1104
Credits 1106
Index 1107


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