Starting Out with Python, 5th edition

Published by Pearson (March 17, 2021) © 2021

  • Tony Gaddis Haywood Community College

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Starting Out with Python
Published 2021

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Starting Out with Python
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MyLab Programming with Pearson eText for Starting Out with Python
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Starting Out with Python® presents a clear approach to the fundamentals of Python. With the knowledge acquired using Python, you'll gain confidence in your skills and learn to recognize the logic behind developing high-quality programs. Author Tony Gaddis utilizes an accessible, step-by-step approach to present essential programming concepts. Control structures, functions and lists are covered before classes. This helps ensure that you understand fundamental programming and problem-solving concepts. Every chapter includes clear and easy-to-read code listings, practical real-world examples and an abundance of exercises.

The 5th Edition includes a new chapter on database programming, as well as new coverage of GUI programming, string processing and formatting, and turtle graphics topics.

  1. Introduction to Computers and Programming
  2. Input, Processing, and Output
  3. Decision Structures and Boolean Logic
  4. Repetition Structures
  5. Functions
  6. Files and Exceptions
  7. Lists and Tuples
  8. More About Strings
  9. Dictionaries and Sets
  10. Classes and Object-Oriented Programming
  11. Inheritance
  12. Recursion
  13. GUI Programming
  14. Database Programming


  1. Installing Python
  2. Introduction to IDLE
  3. The ASCII Character Set
  4. Predefined Named Colors
  5. More About the import Statement
  6. Formatting Numeric Output with the format() Function
  7. Installing Modules with the pip Utility
  8. Answers to Checkpoints

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