Using Pearson’s trusted exam know-how, Formula takes a fresh approach to topics, units and components to create an effective exam-focused package whatever the teaching and learning scenario.

For adult learners British English Print and digital 3 levels GSE: 42-84 CEFR: B1-C1

About the course

The flexible, unique and enjoyable route to Cambridge exam success with fully customizable approaches depending on course length, exam and language needs

Formula enables learners to achieve their aim of passing the relevant Cambridge exam at their desired grade. Formula’s syllabus is based on the exam requirements and created by a team of authors and exam consultants to ensure comprehensive, authentic and rigorous exam preparation and practice.

Offering two core components – a Coursebook and an Exam Trainer, that can be used separately or to complement each other, depending on how intensive the exam course is, how long the course is, as well as the language and skills learners need to develop.

Formula is available in both print and digital formats and used alongside a range of digital resources. Designed for classes where most learners are preparing for the Cambridge exams.

Formula digital resources

Why choose Formula?

Adaptable for a blended or fully digital learning environments
Flexible components work independently for short or intensive exam preparation
Reinforces learning and sparks curiosity with a unique themed approach

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