Language learning is the most strategic enabler for international business today

English is and will continue to be the language of international business. 85% of employees say that English is important for work, but 3 out of 4 employees lack confidence using English in the workplace.*


average miscommunication costs a year to a company due to language barriers.1 72% of employees say better English skills would make their job easier.


of employees say they would stay at a company longer if it invested in their L&D.2 Those who work for a company that offers language training are more than twice as likely to say they are very satisfied at work.


of language learners report higher levels of engagement and enjoyment in the workplace.3  9 in 10 employees told us they want their employer to provide language training, but only 1 in 3 do.

Find out more about the impact English skills can have on your business, and how the Global Scale of English (GSE) can fast-track proficiency in our ground-breaking research report.

Pearson Language Solutions for Work

50% of the world's language learners are learning English, and that's our specialty. So whether you're recruiting for customer-facing roles, connecting international workforces or boosting employee motivation, we can help.

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"English language training around the world has never been in such high demand. High-quality English training that uses technology to personalize learning should be the standard for every HR department."
Isaac Johnson CEO, EduGuide

Find the best language solution for your business

Build your employees' skills, boost their confidence and drive your business forward with Pearson Language Solutions for Work, powered by the Global Scale of English.

Self-paced skills development

  • Upskill your workforce with a ground-breaking immersive language learning platform.
  • Allow employees to learn at their own pace in and out of the office. 
  • Great for skills development and as part of an employee reward program.

Mondly by Pearson

Instructor-led skills development

  • Business Partner – for those wanting to develop their corporate English for success in the workplace, with content focusing on authentic business situations.
  • Step Up – for those wanting to develop the soft skills needed to standout in the workplace such as interpersonal skills and how to work well in a team.

Business courses

“The Versant tests helped us standardize and scale up our recruitment process, which led to significant improvement in the quality of hires on communication skills.”
Abraham Zachariah, Global Head, Learning and Development, Cognizant BPS

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Fast-track your employees' English fluency

Specifically designed to build skills and confidence in English, Pearson's Global Scale of English is the essential tool to fast-track progress. Plus, it is the only language learning scale with a dedicated Professional English framework. 

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1. : Costs of Poor Communication Reach $37 Billion. Michael Schneider
2. LinkedIn Learning. 2023 Workplace Learning Report
3. Association for Talent Development: 5 Ways Language Training Delivers A Strong ROI. Jack Marmorstein

*Survey of 5,000 speakers of English as a second or additional language from across the globe, conducted by PSB Insights and Pearson, October 2023. For full details, check out the Research Overview in the global report