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Need an affordable way to integrate language assessment into your HR workflows? Or are you simply looking for evidence of a candidates' English skills that you can rely on?

You can now choose the solutions that best fit your company’s hiring, recruitment and training processes, no matter how large or small. Find the solution that’s best for you.

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Level Test front cover
Level Test front cover

Find the solution that's right for you

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Versant by Pearson English Certificate

Now you can leave the testing to us. Candidates can assess their English with Versant by Pearson English Certificate and share results with you. All you need to do is recognize their score.

  • No cost to you, ever
  • Secure and accurate – combining trusted AI and expert human examiners for scoring you can trust
  • Verify candidates’ scores in just two clicks
  • Fast 4-skills and 2-skills testing options

Simply look out for Credly badges on your candidates’ resumes or job applications.

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Versant by Pearson English Tests

Flexible, affordable language testing that you control. Trusted by businesses, governments and universities to efficiently manage high-volume talent acquisition, as well as learning and development.

  • Test candidates’ speaking, writing, or all four English language skills
  • Track results through your admin dashboard and identify future training needs
  • Fully flexible test administration and proctoring choices for your business
  • Also available for spoken Spanish, French, Arabic and Dutch

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Speed up your recruitment and L&D goals with quick test set-up, results within minutes, and easy-to-use dashboards

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Our AI technology accurately assesses language ability while reducing human examiner bias, giving you fair and reliable test results every time

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Candidates are tested on practical, workplace-relevant content, so you can be confident that they will thrive

Brands that trust Pearson

“Versant [by Pearson] proves to be an invaluable tool for assessing English communication skills, even for remote candidates. It offers secure administration and quick online access to results, ensuring an efficient and streamlined recruitment process."
Rinna Dizon, Senior Recruitment Manager, iQor
“Smart Axiata has relied on Versant [by Pearson] tests for years in recruitment, training and development, simplifying the validation of English skills for new candidates and employee improvement. The true value of Versant lies in its assessment of all 4 language skills, establishing a clear English standard.”
Samol Lyeng, Senior Competence Development Specialist, Smart Axiata

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