Benchmark Test – Young Learners

The powerful, engaging and interactive English proficiency test for a new generation of learners.  

Measure language ability through fun, interactive, game-like activities suitable for young learners and get all the insights you need to take their skills to the next level. Suitable for use alongside any English course

Tests general international English (suitable for American and British English users)

Assessment For learners aged 6-13 years For proficiency and progress Online GSE 10-58 CEFR <A1-B1+ Results in minutes

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Build your young learner’s confidence with English Benchmark Test– Young Learners

Skills assessed

Speaking, reading, listening and writing

Take the test

Online, at home or in the classroom, on a tablet, laptop or desktop computer

Test time

45 minutes or less


Within minutes with Pearson AI technology

“The experience with English Benchmark has been very entertaining for our learners because they perceived it as a game; therefore they did not experience anxiety or stress despite it being a test. It was a wonderful experience for us as an institution as well because it was our first time working with this type of tool that will help us grow and improve.”
Analia Perez, English Language Coordinator, Colegio Israelita Max Nordeau, Mendoza, Argentina
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Reasons why educators choose English Benchmark – Young Learners

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An engaging, fun way to consistently identify learners’ needs and measure progress, with detailed performance summaries for all four skills

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Provides reports and skills-boosting recommendations to help you plan lessons for the class and individuals

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Includes detailed performance summaries for reading, writing, listening and speaking

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Generates individual reports and certificates for educators, learners and parents

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Available on devices that suit your learners and classroom, with free, easy-to-install software and expert support available to get set up

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Use as a diagnostic tool at the beginning of a course, a progress monitor as their skills grow and check if learners are ready for their exams

“Our learners love taking English Benchmark Young Learners and our teachers always feel stress-free and relaxed while running the test. Even our youngest learners are able to stay focused throughout the entire test—they were totally drawn into a virtual world!”
Evonne Chan, Director of Studies at Malayan English Academy

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