Level Test

Place new learners at the right level, fast

Level Test is your ideal learner placement partner. Get detailed insights into new learners’ skills to place them in the right class for their level and make learning recommendations to put them on the optimal path to fluency. 

Tests general international English (suitable for American and British English users).

Placement test GSE 10-90 CFER <A1-C2 For learners aged 14+ Online Results in minutes
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Fast, efficient, AI-backed and easy to use

Skills assessed

Speaking, reading, listening and writing

Take the test

Online, at home or in the classroom

Test time

30 minutes or less


Within minutes with Pearson AI technology

Stream new students and target your teaching straight away

Remove the time, stress and risk of human error involved in creating, administering and marking placement tests.

Level Test gives accurate, at-a-glance data educators need to understand learners’ needs to successfully support individual and group skill development and confidence from their first day in the classroom.


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Reasons why educators choose Level Test

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Assesses all four language skills in just 30 minutes with AI-backed technology

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Efficient and consistent, AI-based marking eliminates human admin and error

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Delivered through a powerful online assessment portal, making it easy to use for educators and learners

Provides clear results with GSE scores and CEFR half-bands showing overall ability and a breakdown of each skill

Group and individual reports available to review and compare within a single platform

One test that adjusts to learners’ answers, meaning it’s never too easy or too hard

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