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Empower learners to discover new and classic stories or engaging topics in English, building their skills and reading confidence. Suitable for shared, guided or independent reading at home or in the classroom, our collection of more than 300 Pearson English Readers for teens and adults supports learners on their journey to fluency.

Designed to support guided classroom or fully independent learning, Pearson English Readers feature adapted and simplified texts with controlled vocabulary and grammar for the learners' ability. Readers are easy to use, complement any English lesson and include an audiobook, teachers' notes and photocopiable resources.

Levels: 10 Age range: 12+ Total titles: 300+

TV and movie readers - Marvel The Avengers and Love Actually book covers
Classic fiction readers - Romeo and Juliet and Les Misérables book covers
Modern fiction readers - The Client and Noughts and Crosses book covers
Real-world readers - Martin Luthor King and A History of Britain book covers

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