Focus is the English language learning series for upper secondary learners enhanced with BBC video content and more, offering everything teenage learners need to achieve success.

For secondary learners American and British English available Print and digital 4 levels (American) / 5 levels (British) GSE: 32-78 CEFR: A2-C1

About the course

Featuring cutting-edge video content and high-quality educational videos from the BBC, Focus motivates and engages learners with real-world English content

With Focus 2nd Edition, learners are motivated and engaged by authentic content and prepared to achieve great exam results. The course features authentic video content, including BBC videos and Focus vlogs.

It contains authentic BBC videos accompanied by video worksheets, grammar vlogs with corresponding worksheets and up-to-date vocabulary, and reading lessons with themes and topics teenage learners will be interested in.

Focus 2nd Edition gives learners opportunities for Use of English practice across all components, an extended writing section for more contextualized and thorough practice, clearly signposted personalized speaking activities for more targeted practice, and listening practice. Focus is built upon motivation, memory, and meaning: three principles specifically relevant to teenage English learners. This reliable tried and tested approach delivers what today’s learners need.

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Why choose Focus?

Brings language to life by referring to learners’ life experiences and aspirations
Includes The Word Store, a vocabulary practice booklet
An assessment-orientated learning path with clear, intuitive lessons

Courses available

British English Edition

Focus Second Edition is a five-level, tried-and-tested series that gives learners the practice they need to succeed in their national and popular international English exams.

American English Edition

Focus American Edition is a four-level course for upper-secondary learners structured to promote motivation, memory and meaning. Clear and intuitive lessons provide an exam-orientated learning path for both state and private school students.

Focus is part of our Connected English Learning Program

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