Global insights: Experiences of Chinese students in the UK

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London, United Kingdom, 18 December 2023 – Pearson, the world’s leading language learning company, is pleased to announce our ongoing commitment to understanding and enhancing the educational journeys of international students. We are thrilled to share our latest report, 'Global Insights: what are the experiences of Chinese students in the UK?' in partnership with UCAS.

China’s significance and prosperity

China remains an influential market for undergraduates choosing to pursue their studies in the UK. This comprehensive report offers valuable insights into the experiences of Chinese students, shedding light on their motivations, preferences, and evolving trends.

Gio Giovannelli, President of English Language Learning at Pearson, shared his enthusiasm for this collaboration, highlighting the importance of such research in comprehending the Chinese student journey through UK higher education (HE).

Gio remarked how education is pivotal to the sustained prosperity of China, and witnessing firsthand the eagerness of Chinese students to pursue higher education in the UK is truly heartening. He also stated that this report indicates a steadfast desire among Chinese students to continue their educational journey in the UK, driven by a thirst for knowledge, cultural experiences, and enhanced career prospects.

A global shift in learning

Giovannelli highlights the change in learning objectives, emphasizing that education is now a lifelong pursuit. Language skills, in particular, are essential not only for academic success but also for career advancement. In response to this global shift, Pearson has created a dynamic learning and assessment system to meet diverse learning needs.

Furthermore, maintaining a strong partnership with UCAS is crucial in providing support and resources to Chinese students who are preparing to study in the UK. This partnership aims to enhance the appeal of the UK as a top study destination for international students.

Report insights: a creative turn

The report examines factors influencing Chinese students' choices of UK universities, with growing interest in creative arts programs supplanting traditional preferences for business courses.

Furthermore, while London remains a focal point for education, there's ample potential for UK HE institutions to diversify their appeal across different regions and academic disciplines.

Hopes for the future

Moreover, this insight will guide efforts in collaboration with organizations like UCAS to fortify the UK's standing as a sought-after global study hub and future endeavors.

In conclusion, the report offers invaluable perspectives into the journey of Chinese students in the UK, providing a roadmap for educational institutions and organizations to better cater to international students' needs and aspirations.

Gio expressed hope that the report will be as enlightening for readers as it was for him, underscoring its relevance in shaping the future of international education.

The information provided highlights the importance of China in the field of higher education. It is predicted that there will be a continued rise in the number of Chinese students applying to UK higher education institutions, making it necessary for these institutions to develop flexible strategies that provide an inclusive and rewarding educational experience for international students.

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