How Versant fulfills PERSOL’s commitment to long-term development of employees’ English skills

PERSOL is Japan’s top-ranked HR services provider, working with 35,000 client companies in Japan, but also expanding rapidly in Asia Pacific.

Given the urgent need to develop human resources who can manage effectively across both local and overseas operations from the Japanese HQ, PERSOL has committed to ensuring that their people have the necessary English language training.

Company: PERSOL Industry: HR Services Location: Japan Solution: Versant English Test

English Benchmark test - Young learners


PERSOL needed a tool that could measure language training efficacy accurately and reliably. They also wanted a tool that would “integrate” into the learning design, helping the employee and the instructor to decide on a personalized training pathway towards the desired goals.


PERSOL selected Versant English Test and Versant Writing Test - AI-scored, fully automated 15-minute tests of workplace English. The tests can be taken on any device, and deliver consistent testing without variability. Together these tests measure real English communication skills essential for business.


Versant test results demonstrate the return on investment. Versant has helped PERSOL to set benchmarks and goals for language acquisition in certain job roles. The detailed reporting power of Versant has helped PERSOL HR to more effectively plan for the long-term career development of their teams.


target Versant GSE score for Speaking skills (equivalent to CEFR B1 threshold)


target Versant GSE score for Writing skills (equivalent to CEFR B2 threshold)



of the workforce improved their communicative English skills after training

“The good things about Versant are the speed, the flexibility of smartphone testing, and the score reliability. In our experience, there is little score fluctuation, no matter how many times the same person takes the test.”

Tatsuyoshi Oba, General Manager of Group HR Division
and Corporate HR Department, PERSOL HOLDINGS