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The latest technology for blended learning

A fully interactive, digital experience, effective both in and out of the classroom. Identical views for teachers and learners helps with assigning activities and giving real-time feedback to learners.

Monitor learners’ progress and performance in the gradebook and empower learners to thrive and watch their confidence grow with Pearson English Connect.

Pearson English Connect is a replacement for our older digital platforms Pearson English Portal (PEP) and MyEnglishLab (MEL). You can use the same link to access them.

Why educators love Pearson English Connect

Easy-to-use platform

Designed with usability at its heart, Pearson English Connect has tutorials built in to get up and running fast.


Our customer service experts run onboarding webinars to ensure you can access the platform with ease. 

Ongoing tech support

Our highly skilled technical support teams provide immediate support through live chat, email and phone, across 9 languages. 

“Pearson English Connect is a superior platform that adds value to our business because our learners are happy and make progress. My message to teachers is that you are doing your learners a disservice by not using PEC. Why would you want to use another platform when PEC is so much more engaging?”
Guadalupe Salazar, Pedagogical Manager Academia Education

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Explore an engaging Speakout lesson on the Pearson English Connect platform with interactive features.
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