The Global Scale of English for HR professionals

Get unbiased insights into candidates' English skills and fast-track your employees' progress



Breaking down workplace language barriers

The Global Scale of English (GSE) is your must-have tool if you need to understand your candidates' English ability or are building an English learning and development program for individuals to reach their workplace goals.

Clear, easy-to-understand GSE scores and learning objectives remove the complexity of language assessment, helping managers and HR professionals evaluate new candidates’ skills accurately and provide learning recommendations to employees.

Our AI-based English assessments provide GSE scores that are representative of real-world English ability, helping you:

  • Recruit new talent with the right level of English for the role
  • Track employees’ English skills over time
  • Design bespoke learning and development programs to fast-track employees’ English progress

How the GSE can benefit your organisation and employees

Simple 10-90 scale

Individuals can measure and track their progress on a logical, linear scale from 10-90. 10 being the entry-level score for language beginners, and 90 being total mastery of English.

Supported development

Each point on the GSE scale has specific learning goals for reading, writing, listening and speaking, so individuals know what skills to build next to improve their level and progress.

More diverse, confident talent

Recruit diverse, talented candidates with our unbiased AI testing and support them with comprehensive learning and development recommendations.

Showcase skills with Credly

Help your team share their skills with Credly badges featuring their GSE level.

Awarded for passing certifications such as Pearson English International Certificate, Credly badges can be added to individuals’ CVs, email signatures and social media profiles, such as LinkedIn.

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Learn more about how the GSE can help your business

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