Social Psychology: Goals in Interaction, 7th edition

  • Douglas Kenrick
  • Steven L. Neuberg
  • Robert B. Cialdini
  • David Lundberg-Kenrick


Integrating applications and methods throughout, Social Psychology shows how human social behaviors are woven together in related patterns. This revision offers updated research in the field plus coverage of current topics, many relating to how technology affects the way people interact.

Table of contents

1. Introduction to Social Psychology
2. The Person and the Situation
3. Social Cognition: Understanding Ourselves and Others
4. Presenting the Self
5. Attitudes and Persuasion
6. Social Influence: Conformity, Compliance, and Obedience
7. Affiliation and Friendship
8. Love and Romantic Relationships
9. Prosocial Behavior
10. Aggression
11. Prejudice, Stereotyping, and Discrimination
12. Groups
13. Social Dilemmas: Cooperation Versus Conflict
14. Integrating Social Psychology

Published by Pearson (February 1st 2019) - Copyright © 2020