Pearson TQ to run education programme for UK Army recruits

Pearson TQ wins contract to deliver education programme at the Army Foundation College Harrogate.

Each year up to 1,344 school leavers commence their initial career training at the Army Foundation College (AFC) Harrogate, before they go on to further training as an adult entrant and from there to full time positions across the Army. Pearson TQ, owned by Pearson, have been awarded the contract to deliver the education programme to these Junior Soldiers at the AFC Harrogate. The College’s motto is Building the Army’s Future and TQ is proud to be part of that future.

From March 1st 2015, TQ will be responsible for delivering the vocational education and other parts of the skills training to learners at the AFC. Pearson TQ will hold the responsibility for ensuring that the content of courses being taught is up to date and tailored to the future career needs of the students. The courses provided at the AFC range from practical skills such as DVLA driver theory and leadership skills to physical education and ‘Functional Skills’ qualifications in English, Maths and ICT. Pearson TQ will also be helping and advising the AFC in improving the training resources and learning technologies available to all staff and students at the campus. The AFC already uses a Pearson VUE driver theory testing centre.

It is a great pleasure and privilege to be able to deliver vocational learning to Junior Soldiers at the Army Foundation College (Harrogate). Vocational education is at the heart of the AFC and represents something truly important to Pearson, not only in the UK but also globally. I am very much looking forward to working with staff at AFC Harrogate and meeting them all soon.

Commenting on this announcement, Mark Anderson, Managing Director of Pearson UK

The opportunity at the AFC complements Pearson TQ’s considerable expertise and experience in delivering training for the military. Pearson TQ currently:

  • Runs the Defence Sixth Form in Welbeck, training Engineers and Technical Officers for the Armed Forces and Civil Service
  • Delivers Functional Skills training to adult recruits at Army centres in Pirbright and Winchester
  • Delivers Leadership & Initiative training for the Infantry Training Centre in Catterick
  • Delivers heavy plant equipment training to Royal Engineers at the Royal School of Military Engineering
  • Delivers Apprenticeships for the Royal Engineers
  • Delivers job specific training in pastoral care for Army’s Unit Welfare Officers.

About Pearson TQ

TQ provides training support and opportunities to military personnel throughout their professional careers, from education and training establishments, where students first embark on their military career, right through to our resettlement training programmes for service personnel leaving the Forces. The company is also very active in industry and business where it delivers learning in the rail, construction and utilities sectors and works with companies to provide leadership & development training for managers and coaching for senior staff.

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    Sir Tom is Honorary Colonel of the Army Foundation College; the college created the ‘Captain Sir Tom Moore Walk’. This is the path Junior Soldiers will tread as they graduate from the Army Foundation College.

    Sir Tom’s daughter, Hannah, chatted at length about her father’s legacy after he passed and how proud he was to be a part of the college.

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