The Royal Logisitc Corps celebrate apprenticeship success

Pearson TQ staff have some outstanding successes to celebrate, following a recent meeting of the Royal Logistics Corps (RLC) Apprenticeship managerial board.

In October 2015 Pearson TQ took over the contract to deliver a range of Apprenticeships to 1,500 RLC soldiers and service personnel from the RAF and Royal Marines. In the 8 short months since contract start date, Pearson TQ staff working collaboratively with the RLC have refocused the Assessors and Functional Skills teams to deliver dramatic improvements in performance. Notably:

  • 222 inherited learners past their planned end date have now completed their apprenticeships
  • the timely success rate has increased by an impressive 26% from 44% to 70%

These statistics are not only proof of efficacy but also represent large numbers of soldiers gaining valuable qualifications which will serve them well, not only in their current role but also in their careers after leaving the services. Key to this success has been Pearson TQ’s co-ordinated campaign to improve understanding and support of the Apprenticeship programme throughout the military chain of command. Whereas previously the Apprenticeship was seen as a distant qualification owned by the provider, it is now universally regarded as an essential for soldiers, owned by the Corps themselves and in which the provider is a key facilitator.

This ‘hearts and minds’ campaign has included a variety of activities from an article in the RLC magazine, to briefings to senior command staff, to the production of an explanatory video and to participation by some of our staff in the veterans’ race at the RLC Ski Championship.

  • Pearson TQ hosts Captain Sir Tom Moore’s family

    Pearson TQ hosts Captain Sir Tom Moore’s family

    On Wednesday 7 July 2021 Pearson TQ supported the college hosting the family of Captain Sir Tom Moore.

    Sir Tom is Honorary Colonel of the Army Foundation College; the college created the ‘Captain Sir Tom Moore Walk’. This is the path Junior Soldiers will tread as they graduate from the Army Foundation College.

    Sir Tom’s daughter, Hannah, chatted at length about her father’s legacy after he passed and how proud he was to be a part of the college.

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