Pearson Immersive and Netdragon Partnership

Six Pearson staff made the trip to this beautiful seaside location in early January to kick-off an exciting new partnership with Netdragon Websoft, one of China’s premier online gaming companies.

It may look like the Starship Enterprise, but our partner’s HQ is actually a modern, decked out playground for game developers located just outside of city of Fuzhou, China. The partnership with Netdragon builds on the already successful global HoloLens trails that the Pearson Immersive team has been working on since last year.

Netdragon will augment our London-based development team and allow us to tap into their many thousands of experienced Unity developers and 3D artists. Netdragon has also contributed cash towards expenses with running the trials in the UK, US, Australia, New Zealand and China.

NetDragon Websoft develops and operates massively multiplayer online (MMO) games in addition to making mobile applications. They were one of the first successful MMO providers, and are recognised as leaders in the field. More recently they launched an education business developing and marketing ed tech products to the Chinese market with a keen focus on VR. They are also focused on international growth having purchased the interactive whiteboard company Promethean last year.

Pearson Immersive leads Pearson’s AR, VR and 360-degree product development globally. Pearson Immersive became Microsoft’s education sector partner for HoloLens last year. This partnership has since expanded to include the entire suite of Windows Holographic.

In attendance at the signing ceremony were Craig Alexander, Steven McGill, Joanna Webb, William Gao, Vivian Lv and Mark Christian.

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