Ranking Task Exercises in Physics: Student Edition, 1st edition

Published by Pearson (October 28, 2003) © 2004

  • Thomas L. O'Kuma
  • David P. Maloney
  • C J Hieggelke


ISBN-13: 9780131448513
Ranking Task Exercises in Physics: Student Edition
Published 2003


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A supplement for courses in Algebra-Based Physics and Calculus-Based Physics.

Ranking Task Exercises in Physics are an innovative type of conceptual exercise that asks students to make comparative judgments about variations on a particular physicals situation.  It includes 200 exercises covering classical physics and optics.

Kinematics Ranking Tasks.

Force Ranking Tasks.

Projectile and Other Two-Dimensional Motion Ranking Tasks.

Work-Energy Ranking Tasks.

Impulse-Momentum Ranking Tasks.

Rotation Ranking Tasks.

SHM and Properties of Matter Ranking Tasks.

Heat and Thermodynamics Ranking Tasks.

Electrostatics Ranking Tasks.

DC Circuit Ranking Tasks.

Magnetism and Electromagnetism Ranking Tasks.

Wave and Optics Ranking Tasks.

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