Fundamentals of Applied Electromagnetics, 8th edition

Published by Pearson (July 29, 2019) © 2020

  • Fawwaz T. Ulaby University of Michigan
  • Umberto Ravaioli University of Illinois

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ISBN-13: 9780135200445
Fundamentals of Applied Electromagnetics
Published 2019

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ISBN-13: 9780136681588
Fundamentals of Applied Electromagnetics
Published 2020


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Fundamentals of Applied Electromagnetics bridges the gap between circuits and electromagnetics. Widely acclaimed both in the US and abroad, this authoritative text bridges the gap between circuits and electromagnetics material. Fundamentals of Applied Electromagnetics begins coverage with transmission lines, leading you from familiar concepts into more advanced topics and applications.

The 8th Edition builds on the core content and style of previous editions, retaining the student-friendly approach and hands-on simulation modules that help you develop a deeper understanding of electromagnetic concepts and applications. Enhanced graphs and illustrations, and an expanded scope of topics in the Technology Briefs, establish additional bridges between electromagnetic fundamentals and their countless engineering and scientific applications.

1. Introduction: Waves and Phasors
2. Transmission Lines
3. Vector Analysis
4. Electrostatics
5. Magnetostatics
6. Maxwell's Equations for Time-Varying Fields
7. Plane-Wave Propagation
8. Wave Reflection and Transmission
9. Radiation and Antennas
10. Satellite Communication Systems and Radar Sensors

Appendix A: Symbols, Quantities, and Units
Appendix B: Material Constants of Some Common Materials
Appendix C: Mathematical Formulas
Appendix D: Answers to Selected Problems

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