Between Worlds: A Reader, Rhetoric, and Handbook, 7th edition

Published by Pearson (September 29, 2011) © 2012

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ISBN-13: 9780205251261
Between Worlds: A Reader, Rhetoric, and Handbook
Published 2011


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This immediately engaging composition resource features a thematically-organized collection of readings, a process-based rhetoric, and a concise handbook.


Between Worlds opens with more than 75 multi-genre readings reflecting the human condition of being “in between”—generations, cultures, genders, perceptions, points of view.  A substantial rhetoric section traces several student papers-in-progress through the prewriting, drafting, revising, and editing processes and explores the rhetorical strategies using student and professional essays as models. A research chapter with information on using and documenting sources in MLA and APA style and a brief handbook section are also included. Between Worlds emphasizes the importance of reading, critical thinking, and analysis in all college writing assignments.

Part I   The Reader 

Getting the Most from Your Reading   

Active Reading    

    "Thanksgiving"  Ellen Goodman

Discussion of Active Reading   

Active Reading as Prewriting    

Practicing Active Reading         


Chapter 1   Between Generations    

The Good Daughter, Caroline Hwang         

A Cabdriver's Daughter,  Waheeda Samady 

The Color of Love,  Danzy Senna      

Breaking Tradition,  Janice Mirikitani     

Who Shot Johnny?  Debra Dickerson         

On Teenagers and Tattoos,  Andres Martin         

The Only Child,  John Leonard

Johnny Depp: A Pirate's Life,   Sean Smith         


Chapter 2   Between Genders  

Who’s Cheap?  Adair Lara   

Peaches,  Reginald McKnight  

Blue Spruce,  Stephen Perry  

Watching My Back,  Jeff Z. Klein  

Pigskin, Patriarchy, and Pain,  Don Sabo  

The Work,    Dana Beardsley Crotwell  

When a Woman Says No,  Ellen Goodman     

Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?  Joyce Carol Oates    

A Fine Romance,  David Denby 


Chapter 3   Between Cultures  

Living in Two Worlds, Marcus Mabry

Terra Firma—A Journey from Migrant Farm Labor to Neurosurgery , Alfredo Qui~nones-Hinojosa     

Mr. Z,  M. Carl Holman 

Race Is a Four-Letter Word,  Teja Arboleda        

An Identity Reduced to a Burka,  Semeen Issa and Laila Al-Marayati

Hidden in Plain Sight,  Zaiba Malik  

The Myth of the Latin Woman,  Judith Ortiz Cofer       

Los Vendidos,  Luis Valdez    


Crash, Roger Ebert     

Bigotry as the Outer Side of Inner Angst, A. O. Scott        

Crash Writing Topics 

Thinking about the Film, Writing from the Film, and Connecting with other Texts     

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