Brilliant Personal Development: Your Essential Guide To An All-Round Successful Life, 1st edition

Published by Pearson (January 4, 2013) © 2013

  • Max Eggert


ISBN-13: 9780273742470
Brilliant Personal Development
Published 2013


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Your essential guide to an all-round successful and happy life. This book will help you build your confidence, discover the powers of body language and persuasion and develop essential business skills to enhance your career. Written by an experienced psychologist, this book comes complete with online support, to provide your ultimate guide to a fulfilling life at work and at home.

About the author


Before you begin

The way this text works

Introduction: first things first

1 The makings of brilliant personal development

2 Two things you might need ... and a warning

PART 1 Getting started

3 Luck or effort?

4 Discovering you

5 Discovering your core beliefs

6 Discovering your values

7 Discovering your strengths

8 Developing your vision

9 Developing your mission

10 Developing and achieving your goals

11 Developing your motivation

12 Gaining support

PART 2 Getting development fit

13 Achieving self-esteem

14 Achieving self-confidence

15 Achieving success out of failure

16 Achieving assertiveness

17 Dealing with change

18 Achieving relaxation (and reducing stress)

PART 3 Understanding people

19 Understanding other people

20 Body language and rapport

21 Building your network

Final words


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