Core: Introduction to Basic Construction Skills, 6th edition

Published by Pearson (April 16, 2021) © 2021


ISBN-13: 9780137483341
Core: Introduction to Basic Construction Skills
Published 2021


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NCCER Core: Introduction to Basic Construction Skills is the ideal resource for exploring a career in the construction industry. Designed, written and reviewed by industry experts, the program features a highly visual design and technical tips from leading professionals, as well as numerous review and assessment questions.

The 6th Edition features expanded coverage of math, construction drawings and the latest hand and power tools. Content has been reorganized to ensure a progressive understanding of concepts. New color-coded tabs help you quickly navigate to the information you're looking for. And review questions and assessments help you stay on track throughout the course.


  1. Build Your Future in Construction (00100)
  2. Basic Safety (Construction Site Safety Orientation) (00101)
  3. Introduction to Construction Math (00102)
  4. Introduction to Hand Tools (00103)
  5. Introduction to Power Tools (00104)
  6. Introduction to Construction Drawings (00105)
  7. Introduction to Basic Rigging (00106)
  8. Basic Communication Skills (00107)
  9. Basic Employability Skills (00108)
  10. Introduction to Materials Handling (00109)

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