Electrical, Level 1, 11th edition

Published by Pearson (July 14, 2023) © 2024


ISBN-13: 9780137934867
Electrical, Level 1
Published 2023


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Electrical, Level 1, introduces core facets of the electrical trade. This first level of a four-part series covers foundational industry knowledge. Over the course of the series, you'll gain a comprehensive understanding of the structure of electrical systems, while learning how to follow blueprints, install wiring and navigate electrical components.

This first level addresses the basics of occupational safety, electrical circuits and theory, electrical codes, tools and techniques, construction documents, residential wiring and electrical test equipment.

The 11th Edition aligns with the most up-to-date electrical codes. All modules have been rewritten to be more concise and easier to read. A new, modern layout and art style reflect the latest tools, methods, technologies and best practices.


  1. Occupational Overview: The Electrical Industry (26101-23)
  2. Safety for Electricians (26102-23)
  3. Introduction to Electrical Circuits (26103-23)
  4. Electrical Theory (26104-23)
  5. Introduction to the National Electrical Code® (26105-23)
  6. Outlet, Device, Pull, and Junction Boxes (26106-23)
  7. Hand Bending (26107-23)
  8. Wireways, Raceways, and Fittings (26108-23)
  9. Conductors and Cables (26109-23)
  10. Basic Electrical Construction Drawings (26110-23)
  11. Residential Wiring (26111-23)
  12. Electrical Test Equipment (26112-23)

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