Evolutionary Analysis, 5th edition

Published by Pearson (October 28, 2021) © 2014

  • Jon C. Herron University of Washington
  • Scott Freeman University of Washington

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ISBN-13: 9780137521029
Evolutionary Analysis
Published 2021

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Evolutionary Analysis conveys the excitement and logic of evolutionary science, introducing principles through recent and classical studies and emphasizing real-world applications. You'll explore the dynamic, ongoing research behind evolutionary biology as you learn to think like a scientist.

The 5th Edition offers streamlined, updated content to reflect key changes in the field. Highlights of new and updated content include newer thinking on how HIV causes AIDS, revised coverage of the evolution of novel traits and a new section on the evolution of genome architecture. In addition, the art and design program has been updated to reflect an increasing emphasis on evolutionary genetics and on macroevolution.

Brief Contents


  1. A Case for Evolutionary Thinking: Understanding HIV
  2. The Evidence for Evolution
  3. Darwinian Natural Selection
  4. Reconstructing Evolutionary Trees


  1. Mutation and Genetic Variation
  2. Mendelian Genetics in Populations I: Selection and Mutation as Mechanisms of Evolution
  3. Mendelian Genetics in Populations II: Migration, Genetic Drift, and Nonrandom Mating
  4. Evolution at Multiple Loci: Linkage and Sex
  5. Evolution at Multiple Loci: Quantitative Genetics


  1. Studying Adaptation: Evolutionary Analysis of Form and Function
  2. Sexual Selection
  3. Kin Selection and Social Behavior
  4. Aging and Other Life History Characters
  5. Evolution and Human Health
  6. Phylogenomics and the Molecular Basis of Adaptation


  1. Mechanisms of Speciation
  2. The Origins of Life and Precambrian Evolution
  3. The Cambrian Explosion and Beyond
  4. Development and Evolution
  5. Human Evolution

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