Feedback Control of Dynamic Systems, 8th edition

Published by Pearson (July 14, 2021) © 2019

  • Gene F. Franklin
  • David Powell
  • Abbas F. Emami-Naeini

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ISBN-13: 9780137516834
Feedback Control of Dynamic Systems
Published 2021

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ISBN-13: 9780134685717
Feedback Control of Dynamic Systems
Published 2018


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Feedback Control of Dynamic Systems offers you feedback control fundamentals with context, case studies and a focus on design. It covers the material that every engineer needs to know about feedback control, including concepts like stability, tracking, and robustness. Each chapter presents comprehensive, worked-out examples, all within a real-world context and with historical background. Rather than focusing on analysis first and incorporating design much later, this text focuses on design early on and supports students equally in their need to grasp both traditional and more modern topics of digital control.

An entire chapter is devoted to comprehensive case studies; the 8th Edition has been revised with up-to-date information, along with brand-new sections, problems and examples.

  1. An Overview and Brief History of Feedback Control
  2. Dynamic Models
  3. Dynamic Response
  4. A First Analysis of Feedback
  5. The Root-Locus Design Method
  6. The Frequency-Design Method
  7. State-Space Design
  8. Digital Control
  9. Nonlinear Systems
  10. Control System Design: Principles and Case Studies


  1. Laplace Transforms
  2. Solutions to the Review Questions
  3. Matlab Commands

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