Game Programming in C++: Creating 3D Games, 1st edition

Published by Addison-Wesley Professional (March 28, 2018) © 2018

  • Sanjay Madhav



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Game Programming in C++ is today’s practical, hands-on approach to programming 3D video games in C++. Drawing on the author’s pioneering experience teaching game development at USC, it guides students through all key concepts hands-on, and helps them deepen their expertise through several start-to-finish, in-depth game projects. Author Sanjay Madhav introduces core concepts one at a time, in an easy-to-digest fashion, paying special attention to the math that professional game developers need to know. Step by step, students will become increasingly comfortable with real-world C++ game development, and learn how to use C++ in all facets of game programming, including graphics, physics, AI, audio, camera systems, animations, and more.
  • A fun and easy approach modelled after USC’s pioneering game development course
  • Includes practical C++ game code examples in every chapter, and many “programming excursions” showing how to fully apply key concepts in code
  • Offers practical programming exercises to hone real-world skills
  • Culminates in real projects that apply and integrate what students have learned in each section, and grow in complexity as they progress

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Chapter 1   Game Programming Overview
Chapter 2   Game Objects and 2D Graphics
Chapter 3   Vectors and Basic Physics
Chapter 4   Artificial Intelligence
Chapter 5   OpenGL
Chapter 6   3D Graphics
Chapter 7   Audio
Chapter 8   Input Systems
Chapter 9   Cameras
Chapter 10  Collision Detection
Chapter 11  User Interfaces
Chapter 12  Skeletal Animation
Chapter 13  Intermediate Graphics
Chapter 14  Level Files and Binary Data
Appendix A  Intermediate C++ Review
Sanjay Madhav is a senior lecturer at the University of Southern California, where he teaches several programming and video game programming courses. He has taught at USC since 2008. Prior to joining USC, Sanjay worked as a programmer for several video game developers, including Electronic Arts, Neversoft, and Pandemic Studios. His credited games include Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault, Tony Hawk’s Project 8, Lord of the Rings: Conquest, and The Saboteur.
Sanjay is also the author of Game Programming Algorithms and Techniques and co-author of Multiplayer Game Programming. He has a B.S. and an M.S. in computer science and is pursuing a Ph.D. in computer science, all from USC.

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