Hacker's Delight, 2nd edition

Published by Addison-Wesley Professional (September 25, 2012) © 2013

  • Henry S. Warren

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ISBN-13: 9780133085013
Hacker's Delight
Published 2012
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ISBN-13: 9780321842688
Hacker's Delight
Published 2012


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In Hacker’s Delight, Henry Warren once again compiles an irresistible collection of programming hacks: timesaving techniques, algorithms, and tricks that help programmers build more elegant and efficient software, while also gaining deeper insights into their craft. Warren’s hacks are eminently practical, but they’re also intrinsically interesting, and sometimes unexpected, much like the solution to a great puzzle. They are, in a word, a delight to any programmer who is excited by the opportunity to improve.
Extensive additions in this edition include
  • A new chapter on cyclic redundancy checking (CRC), including routines for the commonly used CRC-32 code
  • A new chapter on error correcting codes (ECC), including routines for the Hamming code
  • More coverage of integer division by constants, including methods using only shifts and adds
  • Computing remainders without computing a quotient
  • More coverage of population count and counting leading zeros
  • Array population count
  • New algorithms for compress and expand
  • An LRU algorithm
  • Floating-point to/from integer conversions
  • Approximate floating-point reciprocal square root routine
  • A gallery of graphs of discrete functions
  • Now with exercises and answers
  • Chapter 1: Introduction
  • Chapter 2: Basics
  • Chapter 3: Power-of-2 Boundaries
  • Chapter 4: Arithmetic Bounds
  • Chapter 5: Counting Bits
  • Chapter 6: Searching Words
  • Chapter 7: Rearranging Bits And Bytes
  • Chapter 8: Multiplication
  • Chapter 9: Integer Division
  • Chapter 10: Integer Division By Constants
  • Chapter 11: Some Elementary Functions
  • Chapter 12: Unusual Bases For Number Systems
  • Chapter 13: Gray Code
  • Chapter 14: Cyclic Redundancy Check
  • Chapter 15: Error-Correcting Codes
  • Chapter 16: Hilbert's Curve
  • Chapter 17: Floating-Point
  • Chapter 18: Formulas For Primes
  • Answers To Exercises:
  • Appendix A: Arithmetic Tables For A 4-Bit Machine
  • Appendix B: Newton's Method
  • Appendix C: A Gallery Of Graphs Of Discrete Functions

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