Industrial Maintenance Electrical & Instrumentation, Level 2, 3rd edition

Published by Pearson (September 9, 2008) © 2008


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(Total Level Hours: 160)

40201-08 Industrial Safety for E & I Technicians (12.5 Hours)

Covers safety rules and regulations for electrical workers, the necessary precautions to take for various electrical hazards found on the job, and the OSHA-mandated lockout/tagout procedure.


40202-08 Introduction to the National Electrical Code (5 Hours)

Provides a navigational road map for using the NEC®. Introduces the layout of the NEC® and the types of information found within the code book. Allows trainees to practice finding information using an easy-to-follow procedure.


40203-08 Electrical Theory (15 Hours)

Offers a general introduction to the electrical concepts used in Ohm’s law as applied to DC series circuits. Includes atomic theory, electromotive force, resistance, and electric power equations. Introduces series, parallel, and series-parallel circuits. Covers resistive circuits, Kirchoff’s voltage and current laws, and circuit analysis.


40204-08 Alternating Current (20 Hours)

Covers transformers, single-phase and three-phase power distribution, capacitors, the theory and operation of induction motors, and the instruments and techniques used in testing AC circuits and components.


40205-08 E & I Test Equipment (10 Hours)  New!

Focuses on proper selection, inspection, and use of common electrical and instrumentation test equipment, including voltage testers, clamp-on ammeters, ohmmeters, multimeters, phase/motor rotation testers, data recording equipment, field communicators, pressure testers, and dead weight testers. Also covers safety precautions and meter category ratings.


40206-08 Flow, Pressure, Level, and Temperature (15 Hours)

Presents devices used to measure flow, pressure, level, and temperature, along with their principles of operation.


40207-08 Process Mathematics (15 Hours)

Covers measurement of mass, weiand flow, conversion of units, and their applicatiinstrumentation. 


40208-08 Hand Bending  (10 Hours)

Provides an introduction to conduit bending and installation. Covers the techniques for using hand-operated and step conduit benders, as well as cutting, reaming, and threading conduit.


40209-08 Tubing (15 Hours)

Introduces a variety of tubing, tubing materials, tools, and work practices. Covers proper storage and handling, cutting, deburring, reaming, bending, and flaring of tubing.


40210-08 Clean, Purge, and Test Tubing and Piping Systems (7.5 Hours)

Presents safe methods for cleaning, purging, blowing down, pressure testing, and leak testing tubing, piping, and hoses used in instrumentation.


40211-08 Instrument Drawings and Documents, Part 1 (15 Hours)

Introduces instrument symbols, abbreviations, and specific types of drawings and documents, including instrument indexes, installation detail drawings, location drawings, and control loops.


40212-08 Conductors and Cables (10 Hours)

Focuses on the types and applications of conductors and electrical cabling and covers proper wiring techniques. Stresses the applicable NEC® requirements.


40213-08 Conductor Terminations and Splices (10 Hours)

Describes methods of terminating and splicing conductors of all types and sizes, including preparing and taping conductors.

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