IT Essentials Labs and Study Guide Version 7, 1st edition

Published by Cisco Press (November 21, 2019) © 2020

  • Allan Johnson


ISBN-13: 9780135612033
IT Essentials Labs and Study Guide Version 7
Published 2019


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IT Essentials Lab Manual is a supplemental book prepared for students in the Cisco® Networking Academy IT Essentials course. All the hands-on labs and worksheets from the course are printed within this book to provide practical, hands-on experience with the course content. IT Essentials covers fundamental computer and career skills for entry-level IT jobs.

    Introduction   xxxiii
Chapter 1    Introduction to Personal Computer Hardware  1
    Personal Computers  2
    PC Components    3
    Computer Disassembly  21 The
    Labs and Activities  22 Lab—Disassemble a Computer    23
Chapter 2    PC Assembly  27
    Assemble the Computer  28
    Labs and Activities  38 Command Reference   38 Lab—Install the Power Supply    39 Lab—Install the Motherboard in a Computer   40 Lab—Install the Drives   42 Lab—Install Adapter Cards    43 Lab—Install Internal Cables    45 Lab—Install Front Panel Cables    47 Lab—Complete the Computer Assembly   48
Chapter 3    Advanced Computer Hardware  49
    Boot the Computer  50
    Electrical Power   52
    Advanced Computer Functionality  53 CPU
    Computer Configuration  65
    Protecting the Environment    68
    Labs and Activities  69 Command Reference   69 Lab—Investigate BIOS or UEFI Settings   70—Search for BIOS or UEFI Firmware Updates  73—Install Windows   75—Install Third-Party Software in Windows   78 Lab—Ohms Law  80 Lab—Research a Hardware Upgrade    81
Chapter 4    Preventive Maintenance and Troubleshooting    83
    Preventive Maintenance   84
    Troubleshooting Process    85
    Labs and Activities  90 Command Reference   90—Use a Multimeter and a Power Supply Tester   91—Troubleshoot Hardware Problems    95
Chapter 5    Networking Concepts   99
    Study Guide   100
    Network Components and Types  100
    Networking Protocols, Standards, and Services  103
    Network Devices   108
    Network Cables   110
    Labs and Activities   117 Command Reference   117 Lab—Build and Test a Network Cable   118
Chapter 6    Applied Networking   125
    Device-to-Network Connections   126
    Network Troubleshooting    130
    Labs and Activities   134 Command Reference   134 Packet Tracer—Add Computers to an Existing Network   135 Lab—Configure a NIC to Use DHCP in Windows   137 Tracer—Connect to a Wireless Network   142—Configure a Wireless Network    147 Tracer—Configure Firewall Settings   152—Configure Firewall Settings    155 Packet Tracer—Configure IoT Devices   159 Lab—Troubleshoot Network Problems    161
Chapter 7    Laptops and Other Mobile Devices  163
    Characteristics of Laptops and Other Mobile Devices    164
    Laptop Configuration  166
    Laptop Hardware and Component Installation and Configuration  167
    Other Mobile Device Hardware Overview 168 Other
    Network Connectivity and Email 170
    Preventive Maintenance and Troubleshooting Laptops and Other Mobile Devices    172
    Basic Troubleshooting Process for Laptops and Other Mobile Devices    173
    Labs and Activities   176 Command Reference   176 Lab—Mobile Device Information    177 Lab—Research Docking Stations and Port Replicators  178 Lab—Research Laptop RAM    181 Lab—Research Laptop Screens    182 Lab—Research Laptop Batteries    183 Lab—Research Laptop Drives    184 Lab—Mobile Wi-Fi  185—Research Laptop Problems    187—Gather Information from the Customer   188 Support Websites and Repair Companies  189
Chapter 8    Printers  191
    Common Printer Features   192
    Printer Type Comparison  193
    Installing and Configuring Printers    199
    Sharing Printers   201
    Maintaining and Troubleshooting Printers    202
    Labs and Activities   205 Command Reference   205 Lab—Install a Printer in Windows    206 Lab—Share a Printer in Windows    208 Lab—Perform Preventive Maintenance on an Inkjet Printer   210 Lab—Perform Preventive Maintenance on a Laser Printer   212
Chapter 9    Virtualization and Cloud Computing  215
    Virtualization 216
    Cloud Computing  218
    Labs and Activities   222 Command Reference   222 Lab—Install Linux in a Virtual Machine and Explore the GUI   223
Chapter 10    Windows Installation  227
    Modern Operating Systems   228
    Install Windows   231
    Installation and Boot Sequence 234
    Labs and Activities   237 Command Reference   237 Lab—Create a Partition in Windows    238 Lab—Windows Installation    242 Lab—Finalize Windows Installation    245
Chapter 11    Windows Configuration  247
    Windows Desktop and File Explorer 248
    Configure Windows with Control Panels    255
    System Administration  266
    Command-Line Tools  273
    Windows Networking   276
    Common Preventive Maintenance Techniques for Operating Systems  282
    Basic Troubleshooting Process for Windows Operating Systems    283
    Labs and Activities   287 Command Reference   287 Lab—Configure the Windows Desktop   289 Lab—Work with Task Manager    292 Lab—Working with File Explorer    296 Lab—Explore Control Panel Categories   300 Lab—User Accounts    303 Lab—Configure Browser Settings    306 Lab—Use Device Manager    310 Lab—Region and Language Options    312 Lab—Monitor and Manage System Resources   316—System Utilities    321—Manage System Files    325 Lab—Hard Drive Maintenance    328 Lab—Install Third-Party Software    330 Lab—Work in the Windows Command Shell    332 Lab—File System Commands    335 Lab—Disk CLI Commands    342 Lab—Task and System CLI Commands    350 Lab—Other Useful Commands    354 Lab—Network Drive Mapping    359
    Introduction 359 Lab—Share Resources 361 Lab—Connect and Test the Wireless Connection   364 Packet Tracer—Using Telnet and SSH   368 Lab—Windows Remote Desktop and Assistance    370 Lab—Manage the Startup Folder    375 Lab—Schedule a Task Using the GUI and the Command Line   378 Lab—System Restore and Hard Drive Backup   381 Lab—Troubleshoot Operating System Problems  388
Chapter 12    Mobile, Linux, and macOS Operating Systems    391
    Mobile Operating Systems   392
    Methods for Securing Mobile Devices    394
    Linux and macOS Operating Systems  395
    Labs and Activities   401 Command Reference   401 Lab—Working with Android    402 Lab—Working with iOS   414 Lab—Mobile Device Features    421 Lab—Passcode Locks 425 Lab—Troubleshoot Mobile Devices    434
Chapter 13    Security  437
    Security Threats   438
    Security Procedures   444
    Securing Windows Workstations  446
    Wireless Security   450
    Basic Troubleshooting Process for Security  452
    Labs and Activities   454 Command Reference   454 Lab—BitLocker and BitLocker To Go    455 Introduction   455 Lab—Configure Windows Local Security Policy  458 Lab—Configure Users and Groups in Windows  462 Lab—Configure Windows Firewall    469 Packet Tracer—Configure Wireless Security   473 Lab—Document Customer Information in a Work Order   475
Chapter 14    The IT Professional   477
    Communication Skills and the IT Professional    478
    Operational Procedures  482
    Ethical and Legal Considerations    483
    Call Center Technicians  486
    Labs and Activities   490 Command Reference   490 Lab—Technician Resources    491 Lab—Investigate Breaches of PII, PHI, PCI   492—Remote Technician—Repair Boot Problem    494
    Student Technician Sheet   494—Remote Technician—Fix an Operating System Problem    496
    Student Technician Sheet   496—Remote Technician—Fix a Network Problem  498
    Student Technician Sheet   498—Remote Technician—Fix a Security Problem    500
    Student Technician Sheet   500 Lab—Write Basic Scripts in Windows and Linux  502

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